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Living with Parkinson's can be worrying for families when faced with the fact that a love one is living with Parkinsons, However, a Parkinson's diagnosis does not mean you cannot live well with the disease. Maintaining as much independence as possible with the right level of care and support.

Receiving compassionate care in the comfort, safety and familiarity of your own home has far reaching benefits in improving overall health and wellbeing for a person living with Parkinson’s, as opposed to moving into a care home.
Moving at any stage in life can be disruptive and stressful, and so much more so when faced with a diagnosis of a condition like Parkinson’s. We know that staying at home and receiving compassionate, one-to-one care from a highly trained and well-matched professional carer improves quality of life for an individual living with Parkinson’s disease. Our personalised approach to providing high quality Parkinson’s disease home care, with a fully managed and flexible service that families can rely on is setting the standards in live in care for those with Parkinson’s.

Health visitor and a senior woman during
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