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Cost of living crisis

Ofgem have announced today energy price cap rises by 80% to £3549 - amid fears it could hit £7200 by next spring. With the cost of living at an all time high a 2nd job could be the answer

Cost of living at an all time high, seeing price increases of over 70% for food shopping, energy bills and fuel. National insurance, council tax and water bills have also increased, while this makes it an uncertain time, there are still some ways you can ease financial pressures.

Getting a second job to help with costs

Working two jobs could be a good option to help meet the rising cost of living. Flexible hours and working from home have become the new normal, which means there are more options than ever for people looking to make some extra cash outside of their main job. You could get a job while working full-time by using your evenings and weekends, or by working longer hours over fewer days to free up an extra day for another role.

A role in care

Taking on a 2nd job can be a tough decision and not always ideal, choosing a role in care enables you to work flexibly choosing hours and days that suit you!

Picking up one extra shift at the weekend for 8 hours puts an extra £89.44 in your pocket with our hourly wage of £11.18 that's £357.76 extra a month.

Here at Connect Care we will provide all of your necessary training and have a team of staff to help with any enquiries you may have.

Picking up a 2nd role needn't be stressful/dull work, take on a role that will be a rewarding experience whilst making a real difference in peoples lives.

Call our team today to start your journey in care 0161 302 3006 or visit our website for more information

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