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Planning for a Hospital Stay

A planned stay in hospital can be a daunting experience, especially when you have to plan ahead for your stay. There are often many arrangements to be made for your home, a loved one or your pets. Sometimes these can get forgotten as we are preoccupied with the fact that we are going into hospital.

Here is a list of things might you want to consider prior to your stay in hospital.

Arrange support for a loved one.

If you are the main carer for someone else, you will need to seek alternative arrangements for when you are away, either that being with a family member or a care support agency that can come.

Getting them to come in for a couple of days to 'shadow' you before you go into hospital is advisable. This will allow time for the person you usually support to get to know the person covering their support if they are not already familiar with them. This also gives them the opportunity to learn any routines you have in place.

Giving the care giver a list of emergency contacts in case they need to use them whilst you are away is imperative.

Arranging care for your pets

If you have pets then arrangements will be need to be made for them, getting a family or friend to come and look after them, or if not possible then booking them into a kennels or cattery. Its advisable to keep up with all vaccinations as most kennels will not accept an animal who is not up to date with theirs. The RSPCA have information regarding this

Letting people know where you are

With everything to remember sometimes letting people know that you are heading into hospital can be forgotten. sending a text to family, friends and neighbours can be helpful, and stop unnecessary worry when people may not be able to get in touch with you.

Getting the neighbours to keep an eye on the house (if being left vacant) while you are away can ease your mind.

Garden Care

If you are due to be in hospital for a week or so, and have a garden that requires a lot of maintenance, especially during the spring and summer months, then it can be a good idea to arrange someone to care for it while you are away. Likewise with winter, you may need paths clearing of ice and of leaves during Autumn.

Organise Support for recovery

If you have been in hospital and had an operation, you may need extra support afterwards, this could be to assist with helping to get out of bed, showering, moving around the house, help with cleaning.

A care assistant can assist your recovery and reduce stress enabling you to concentrate on getting better.

What should I bring with me?

You might find it useful to make a checklist of things to take with you. Here are a few suggestions:

  • your appointment letter

  • your medication

  • glasses or contact lenses. It’s a good idea to wear glasses on a chain around your neck to prevent them being mislaid.

  • your hearing aid and spare batteries

  • small change

  • a mobile phone and charger, or a list of useful phone numbers

  • something to keep you occupied, like a book or music player with headphones

  • pyjamas or nightdresses and a dressing gown

  • spare underwear

  • close-fitting slippers or comfortable non-slip footwear

  • toiletries

  • shaving equipment

  • a small mirror

  • a comb or hairbrush.

Try to avoid taking valuable items, such as jewellery, in case it goes missing.

How can Connect Care Services help?

We are really proud of our home from hospital service, it enables you to be able to concentrate on recovering. This service enables hospital outpatients to recover comfortably and safely at home.

Our experienced team will be on hand to assist with a number of tasks that will likely be difficult to manage on your own until you’ve fully recovered. If you’d like some more information on this service, please get in contact today.

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